Though fake watch nerds are more likely to be excited by a new retro-reissue or a high-tech chronograph, I’d argue this was one of the most important releases for the brand this year. While the stunning gold Glassbox and quirky Skipper attract the peepers to the shop fronts, I’ll bet that many will actually walk out with a steel Solargraph in tow. For a long time now, perfect replica TAG Heuer has had the challenge of having to compete on so many fronts. There are the vintage fans needing their historical Heuer fix, there are those expecting a revival of the department that brought the Mikrogirder and Mikrograph, and then there’s that person not into watches, just looking for a “nice watch” for a few grand. With the first two covered by the likes of the Glassbox and the new Monza revival as well as the Monaco OnlyWatch 2023 piece, the new steel Solargraph meets the needs of the latter. Admittedly, the Solargraph isn’t the most affordable TAG Heuer super clone for sale, at least not yet. That honour goes to the Formula 1, which, despite having an air of nostalgia about it, seems a little tired at this point, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it completely phased out or revamped in the near future.

Summary judgement
With such a rich back catalogue of not only great watches, but great stories associated with them, too, it was only a matter of time before best 1:1 replica TAG Heuer hit their stride once again. What started last year, with the revitalisation of the Aquaracer, continued this year with amazing Carrera releases that weren’t just limited to the high-end. Their work, however, is not complete. The brand’s revival of the Monza stopped with just one release, and as cool as it is, I’ve gotta admit it’s a bit niche. What I’m looking forward to the most, however, is the expansion of the Autavia line. At the moment, Swiss movement fake TAG Heuer’s website only lists four references, leaving plenty of room for improvement.

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