And that’s exactly the thing about the cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Professional. If you already like its design, you’ll probably also like whatever Speedmaster Professional will come next, the one after that, and so on. As RJ already said, the Speedy is a bit “boring” with its “virtually unchanged” design. At the same time, that’s also what makes it so good. Especially with the newest reference, I respect the fact that Swiss copy Omega indeed made it better than ever before. That’s also why I own one. But still, it is a bit boring.

Therefore, I applaud perfect replica TAG Heuer for stepping off of the true-to-the-original re-edition bandwagon without actually losing touch with the earlier models of the Carrera. I think the concave and then convex flange of the dial fits the classic dial design of the luxury fake TAG Heuer Carrera very well. Those highly domed crystals are really something I associate with vintage watches. I love how they’ve finally found a way to make good use of that extra space underneath the crystal. Not only that, but it also looks great and improves the legibility of the tachymeter scale, which usually seems crammed into a space that’s too tight.

Design quirks
But I also have to agree with RJ. This won’t be the last 1:1 replica TAG Heuer Carrera we’ll ever see, and that flange design will probably be replaced by a different one in future references. I’m not sure, though, that the current flange design will ever look dated. When I saw the watch in person at Watches and Wonders, it still looked like a very vintage-inspired watch to me. It’s not like TAG Heuer fake for sale went all the way and added very weird colors or shapes that you wouldn’t expect on a watch like this. In the end, I see that flange more as a functional design choice than a cosmetic one. That’s why I think it won’t be as subject to trends as RJ suggests.

That date at 12 o’clock, however, is certainly up for discussion. I don’t get why there’s a date on a watch like this, especially since many earlier AAA quality replica TAG Heuer Carrera references didn’t have one. It’s probably just because the movement has a date function and many mainstream buyers prefer it. But wouldn’t this watch be even better without a date? I must say, though, that I much prefer the date at 12 over the very interruptive date at 6 o’clock, like on the blue Glassbox. The former doesn’t mess with the overall design as much as the latter. The top copy watch just looks more like a big index, and it’s even partly hidden underneath the chronograph seconds hand. So I think this is the perfect date-window placement on a chronograph for people that actually don’t want a date window on a chronograph. But next time, high quality super clone TAG Heuer, just leave it out, period.

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