Actor, racing driver and TAG Heuer ambassador Patrick Dempsey came to TimeCrafters to launch two new limited-edition TAG Heuer Indy500 fake watches two weeks before the legendary US motor racing event is due to start, with TAG Heuer as its official timekeeper. Even before its official launch at the show, the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Indy500 limited edition could already be found on sale on Ebay at a premium to the official retail price – proof enough of the popularity of the race in the United States and the current boom that the brand is experiencing, with its Carrera Connected watch selling like hot cakes in the country.


The limited-edition TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Indy500 copy watches for sale was advertised on Ebay at a premium even before it was officially launched. © TAG Heuer

Another Indy500 limited edition in the Formula 1 collection was also presented by Patrick Dempsey, who spoke to WorldTempus about the special status of the race on the US motorsport calendar.
“The Indy500 is like Le Mans,” he said. “At one point is was one of the rounds in the F1 championship and it is just one of those races that has a very special atmosphere to it.”

Patrick Dempsey

That being said, however, the owner of Dempsey Racing, which competes with Porsche GT cars on the endurance circuit, has no plans to compete in this legendary race.
“I have no desire to do open cockpit racing at all. It’s a young man’s or young woman’s sport and I’m very happy with Porsche and endurance racing, and GT racing in particular.


The second limited edition Indy500 presented at TimeCrafters 2016 was a model from the brand’s Foirmula 1 collection. ©

The TV heartthrob will also be taking more of a back seat this year, assuming his role as team owner and putting less focus on his driving.
“Last year the racing took up 100 per cent of my schedule and I had to sacrifice many things to achieve my goals. But I met those goals so I’m happy about that.  This year, as an owner I am focusing on Le Mans and hoping for the best there.  It’s a different focus this year working more as the owner and it allows me to spend more time with my kids. I’m bringing them over to Le Mans and I will be able to focus on getting them interested in the history of the sport and understanding what is going on. Last year I was too focused on the race.


The TAG Heuer booth at TimeCrafters 2016 featured an IndyCar, the official countdown to the Indy500, a virtual reality experience and the brand’s new smart watches. © Getty Images

Faced with the choice of limited-edition Indy500 watches, the Carrera Connected and the various motorsport-inspired cheap replica TAG Heuer watches, which does Patrick Dempsey most like to wear?
“I hope they let me keep this new Indy500 limited edition,” he confesses to WorldTempus, “but the Monaco is my favourite. I have the recreation of the Carrera and that transformed everything for the brand. But I also have a vintage Monaco watch, which is very special to me. I wear that one on special occasions.